Campaign Priorities: Message from the Principal

View our 125th Anniversary Campaign Brochure, Building the Future.

As part of our 125th Anniversary Campaign, we aim to:

  • Secure the future of teaching and research.
  • Support students, access, and the College experience.
  • Transform our site with an ambitious plan for new buildings.

Dear Friends of the College,

St Hilda's is known for its commitment to excellence in education and research and for equality of opportunity. Since 2007, our development programme has focused on funding student bursaries and scholarships and on endowing fellowships. In 2018, the year of our 125th Anniversary, we continue to strive to maintain our progress in these areas. However, we are also planning for new buildings and facilities, which we see as contributing significantly to these goals. This major programme of investment will ensure that our students’ experience is second to none. 

New well-designed, distinctive buildings will ensure that the College has a physical presence commensurate with its world-class research and scholarship. In addition, with our new buildings programme, we will enhance the educational experience of our students. We will improve and increase our student accommodation, and provide new social and teaching spaces, a new Middle Common Room, Porters’ Lodge and entrance. These will provide an excellent environment for our students to flourish and raise St Hilda's profile as a world-class centre of teaching and research.

Although we have made some good progress with graduate accommodation in recent times, it is now abundantly clear that St Hilda’s is falling seriously behind all the other former women’s colleges who can offer three years of accommodation to their undergraduates. Central to our plans is the creation of 125 new student rooms.

Every new room we create means that one of our students will be able to live in College accommodation rather than face the extra costs of renting a flat privately. This is a critical benefit now that Oxford has become one of the least affordable cities in the UK for housing. So, in purely financial terms, a College room can be as effective as a bursary, saving a student more than £1,000 over an academic year. Of course, the benefits go far beyond the financial savings. We want all our students to be close to the outstanding support and facilities that St Hilda’s can provide, so that they can make the most of their studies and develop to their full potential while at Oxford.

St Hilda’s began discussions about the development of our College site in 2015. We consulted widely with the full range of stakeholders, including our neighbouring colleges, before seeking planning permission and beginning our work. Find out more about what have been achieved so far and our planned next steps to transform our site

We are deeply grateful to all who have responded so generously to our appeals over the past years and for your sustained interest in our future. Our Senior Members’ support for their College gives us confidence that we may continue to inspire and help new generations of students to achieve their potential.

I hope that you will consider contributing to the future of St Hilda’s.

Thank you for any support that you are able to give.

Best wishes


Sir Gordon Duff, Principal

Professor Sir Gordon Duff, Principal of St Hilda's College